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Microsoft WebSiteSpark

Black Marble is supporting Web designers and professionals through the Microsoft WebsiteSpark Program. As a Network Partner in the program, Black Marble draws upon its years of experience as a technology company, experienced in Web development, to provide guidance and advice, as well as offering the opportunity to sponsor web professionals into the program. We will provide mentorship, guidance and resources, as well as organising events especially for them. Black Marble, through WebsiteSpark, creates an ongoing, mutually beneficial ecosystem between Microsoft, Web professionals and us - jumpstarting the creation of high-quality Web sites and applications on the Microsoft Web platform.

The WebsiteSpark program provides software, support and visibility, with no upfront costs and minimal requirements. WebsiteSpark provides fast, easy access to current full-featured Microsoft development tools and production licenses of server products as well as professional technical support from Microsoft.

To be eligible for the Microsoft WebsiteSpark Program, Web Professionals must be primarily engaged in web development and design services for their customers, with ten or less employees (including owners, employees and contractors) and be willing to develop and deploy at least one new Web site on the Microsoft platform within six months of enrollment.

If you have any queries about WebSiteSpark, please contact us on +44 1274 300175.

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