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The Developers Group Meeting

Date - 20-Oct-2010

Session - All Day

Time - TBA

Location - EMC, London

Richard is joining this meeting of The Developers Group to speak about using Typemock Isolator to enable testing of both well-designed code and nasty legacy systems.

Test Driven Development means there is a constant need to be able to fake out sub systems within your code to allow testing e.g. fake the calls to a data store so the business logic can be tested. This is all well and good if you are in a greenfield project, or the code is well designed, however most of us are on legacy code bases where is this not that easy. In addition, some technologies such as SharePoint make the faking of sub systems very hard. In this session Richard shows how Typemock Isolator can be used to address many of these issues.

For more details, including how to register, visit The Developers Group website, with a closer look at the agenda here.

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