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Black Marble and DDD North 2014

01 Sep 2014

Black Marble is delighted to once again be a Platinum Sponsor for DDD North.  Now in its 4th year, and running at the University of Leeds, it is a great opportunity for the developer community to come together and share their knowledge.

It welcomes new speakers and old hands, and the sessions are selected democratically, through voting.

Black Marble was lucky enough to get three sessions on the 25-strong agenda:

Robert Hogg (speaking with Iain Angus) - The Internet of Things, thought about it? Now try it.

Richard Fennell - What is Desired State Configuration and how does it help me?

Riccardo Viglianisi - Visual Studio CodedUI: Improving Resilience in your Automated tests.

Plus, we always have a great team on hand to support and run the day!


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