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Join us as we demonstrate how to Make it easy to migrate your ALM process to the Cloud

24 Apr 2017

Do you find your TFS server gets forgotten? It is not owned by the IT department and the Development team don’t have the time to support it fully, it never gets patched or upgrades?

Or maybe you are adopting a cloud first strategy for all you systems? Well maybe it is time to consider moving on an on-premises TFS instance to VSTS.

In this session we will look at Microsoft new high fidelity VSTS database import tools that can be used to move a TFS instance to VSTS. We will also consider the procs and cons of the other options available to you, making this a useful session if you are considering VSTS whether from TFS or any other source control ALM solution.

Speakers include Richard Fennell (Black Marble) and Giles Davies (Microsoft).

The venue is the Crown Plaza hotel in Leeds, so please register to join us!

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