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Welcome to Microsoft Samsung SUR40 (Surface 2)

01 Jan 2011

At the 2011 International CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft, in partnership with Samsung Electronics, announced Samsung SUR40 (Surface 2) – the next generation of the Microsoft Surface experience featuring PixelSense ™ Technology – powering the slimline new version of the multi-touch interactive device without the use of cameras.

From a weighty coffee-table-sized 42” deep device, the new Surface has dropped that to 4” with a 40” LCD screen – and it can be used in both the horizontal and vertical position. Made with Gorilla glass – drop a bottle on it from a height of about 18” and it won’t even be scratched – the new Surface can recognise fingers, hands and objects placed on the screen – up to 50 of them! It is robust enough for the challenges of active usage in retail, hospitality and education.

The Two Surfaces

And Black Marble is one of the few international Surface Partners that has been involved since the inception of Surface V2, including involvement in the TAP for the past year, attending key NDA events, taking part in developer workshops through to readying applications for general release with customers. Thus ensuring we build upon our skills and experience with Surface V1 to be ready to deliver applications on this great new platform – providing customers with a new way to experience and use information and digital content, engaging the senses, improving collaboration and empowering people to interact.

“Microsoft continues to innovate in vision-based interaction and software designed for touch. With the introduction of the next generation of Surface, using PixelSense technology, we’ll bring more tables and walls to life with amazing natural experiences for people to enjoy together,” 


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